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Lutherville Light Rail Station Bay 1
Lutherville Station
Ridgley Rd & Kurtz Ave Eb
York Rd & Ridgely Plaza Shopping Center Sb
York Rd & Bellona Ave Sb
York Rd & Seminary Ave Sb
York Rd & Greenridge Rd Sb
York Rd & West Rd Fs Sb
Fairmount Ave & York Rd Fs Sb
Fairmount Ave & Bosley Rd Sb
Fairmount Ave & Dulaney Valley Rd Eb
714 Dulaney Valley Rd Sb
York Rd & Pennsylvania Ave Sb
York Rd & Towsontown Blvd
York Rd & Burke Ave Sb
York Rd & Aigburth Rd Sb
York Rd & Sister Pierre Dr Sb
York Rd & Stevenson Ln Sb
York Rd & Regester Ave Sb
York Rd & York Rd Plaza Fs Sb
York Rd & Gittings Ave Sb
York Rd & Lake Ave Sb
York Rd & Northern Pkwy Sb
York Rd & Belvedere Ave Sb
York Rd & Orkney Rd Fs Sb
York Rd & Lortz Ln Sb
York Rd & Woodbourne Ave Sb
York Rd & Glenwood Ave Fs Sb
York Rd & Notre Dame Ln Sb
York Rd & Winston Ave Sb
York Rd & Radnor Rd Sb
York Rd & Coldspring Lane Sb
York Rd & 43rd St Opp Sb
Greenmount Ave & Rose Hill Ter Opp Sb
Greenmount Ave & 39th St Sb
Greenmount Ave & 36th St Opp Sb
Greenmount Ave & 33rd St Sb
Greenmount Ave & 32nd St Sb
Greenmount Ave & 30th St Sb
Greenmount Ave & 29th St Sb
Greenmount Ave & Whitridge Ave Fs Sb
Greenmount Ave & 25th St Sb
Greenmount Ave & 22nd St Sb
Greenmount Ave & North Ave Sb
Greenmount Ave & Federal St Sb
Greenmount Ave & Preston St Sb
Greenmount & Biddle Sb
Greenmount Ave & Eager St Sb
Greenmount Ave & Madison St Sb
Forrest St & Greenmount Ave Fs Sb
Hillen St & Colvin St Sb
Hillen St & High St Sb
Hillen St & The Fallsway Sb
Guilford Ave & Saratoga St Fs Sb
Fayette St & Calvert St Wb
Fayette St & Saint Paul St Wb
Fayette St Plaza Wb
Fayette St & Howard St Wb
Fayette St & Eutaw St Wb
Fayette St & Paca St Wb
Baltimore St & University Of Md Transit Center Mid
Um Medical Center On-street Stop
Towson Town Center Bay 1
300 Joppa Rd Wb
Joppa Rd & Virginia Ave Wb
Plymouth & Pinewood
Pioneer & Fleetwood (lewis)