Maryland Transit Administration
6 St. Paul St.
Baltimore, MD 21202-1614

Transit Information Contact Center
Toll Free: 1-866-RIDE-MTA (1-866-743-3682)
Monday through Friday
6am - 7pm

We welcome your suggestions, questions, compliments or complaints at any time.

For CityLink, LocalLink, Metro SubwayLink, Light RailLink, MARC Train and Commuter Bus:

For MobilityLink:

(If you want to book a MobilityLink reservation, call 410-764-8181 and press 1. If you have a Taxi Access II question or complaint, call MJM Innovations at 410-664-2030.)

MDOT Public Information Act (PIA)

For information on MDOT's Public Information Act, please visit MDOT's PIA Webpage.

Area of MTA Phone Number
TTY for Hearing or Speech Impaired Persons: 7-1-1
MARC Train Toll Free 1-800-325-7245
Directory Assistance 410-454-7222
Transit Store 410-767-3522
Reduced Fare Certification Office 410-767-3438
Employment 410-767-3860
Lost and Found 410-333-2387
Media Relations/Communications 410-767-3936
MobilityLink (Paratransit) 410-764-8181
MTA Police (24/7) 410-454-7720
Office of Certification 410-767-3441
Office of Customer Information 410-767-3999
Transit Insurance Group 410-454-7310