Want a chance to make a real difference in your neighborhood, while also increasing awareness about your school, business or community group? Join the Maryland Transit Administration’s Adopt-A-Stop program today!

Adopt-A-Stop allows you or your group to help keep our environment clean by “adopting” a local bus stop near you. This simple and rewarding commitment involves a bi-weekly checkup to remove unwanted items from your stop and to report any damages or other concerns to the MTA. Your participation will help spread the word about how much your group cares about giving back to its community, while also encouraging public transit ridership that can reduce traffic and air pollution.

Volunteers will receive:

  • A sign installed at your stop recognizing your company or group for its participation
  • An adoptee recognition certificate
  • The knowledge that you helped your community out in a big way

This is an easy and meaningful way to get your group involved in the community,be recognized for your hard work, and keep your neighborhood safe and clean for everyone!

Ready to get started?

Choose your bus stop, fill out your Adopt-A-Stop Agreement form and start helping keep Maryland beautiful today!

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Adopt-A-Stop Agreement

Volunteer Waiver & Release Form   

Adopt-A-Stop Safety Information