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Looking Ahead

Rebuilding Better: Committed to an Equitable Transit Future presents MDOT MTA’s strategic plan for the next five years, defining how we will adjust to recent events and respond to what they’ve taught us. But it’s a different kind of strategic plan: It presents a renewed focus on centering equity around everything we do. It reflects our commitment to adapting and evolving to meet the needs of our riders. This plan builds upon the progress we’ve made in recent years, and grows from other plans, such as the Central Maryland Regional Transit Plan.

We have established a series of commitments to our stakeholders: our employees, our riders, and the public at large. These commitments will serve as the foundation upon which we prioritize our resources and hold ourselves accountable.

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Focus Areas

centering equity focus area
Centering Equity
  • We will continue to diversify MDOT MTA’s leadership to be more inclusive and representative of the communities we serve and create an employee-run committee to further these principles throughout our agency
  • We will further prioritize equity as a core principle in our service planning process
  • We will make our stops and stations more physically accessible
  • We will strengthen partnerships with diverse communities
  • We will ensure equity remains a core principle in our operating and capital budget prioritization process
safety and security focus area
Addressing Safety and Security
  • We will improve onboard safety and security to prevent operator assaults security to prevent operator assaults
  • We will improve onboard safety and security to prevent accidents and injuries
  • We will continue COVID-19 safety measures for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • We will provide information about crowding on transit vehicles
  • We will work cooperatively to identify, understand, and address offboard safety and security concerns
reliable, efficient transit focus area
Providing Reliable, Efficient Transit Services
  • We will improve the reliability of our transit service
  • We will explore new ways to better serve our paratransit riders
  • We will restore MARC train and Commuter Bus service to pre-pandemic levels
  • We will nimbly adapt to changing circumstances
communication focus area
Communicating with Our Stakeholders
  • We will provide timely, useful, clear, and consistent information
  • We will increase our transparency in reporting service and business performance
  • We will improve real-time passenger information
sustainable future focus area
Planning for a Sustainable Future
  • We will develop and implement fare payment options that support a diversity of riders
  • We will seek funding and partnering opportunities to enhance and expand our system
  • We will continue to conserve resources to promote environmental stewardship and a sustainable future
  • We will transform our bus fleet to zero emission vehicles

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