William (Bill) Parham Acting Director 410-767-8374 Email
Memory Hewlett Contracts Manager 410-767-3446 Email
Christopher Tomlinson BPW Coordinator ​410-767-3353 Email
Glenn Kraus Purchasing Manager ​410-454-7902 Email
Karen Leatherwood QA/QC Manager 410-767-0813 Email
Rosilyn McCulley Chief of A & E 410-767-3354 Email
Hawi Sorsu Administrative Assistant 410-767-3357 Email
Christie Williams Chief of Construction & Maintenance ​​410-767-3352 Email
Lorraine Ziara-Denmark Chief of Services & IT 410-767-3591 Email
Heather Martin Procurement Officer 410-767-3835 Email
Sharon Curtis Procurement Officer 410-856-4827 Email
Frank Conaway III Procurement Officer 410-767-3576 Email
Tammy Russell ​Procurement Officer 410-767-3369 Email
Darica Lawson Procurement Officer 410-767-3763 Email
​Victoria Bell Assistant Purchasing Manager 410-454-7884 Email
Stephanie Harrison Procurement Officer ​410-454-7917 Email
Brenda Baker ​Procurement Specialist 410-454-7905 Email
Brenda Hayes ​Procurement Officer 410-454-7885 Email
Colleen Boston Procurement Specialist ​410-454-7891 Email
​Lakeya Davis ​​Procurement Specialist 410-454-7886 Email
​Lisa Cox Procurement Specialist ​410-454-7908 Email
​Sendy Harold ​​Procurement Specialist 410-454-7882 Email
​Sheena Liburd Procurement Specialist ​410-454-7890 Email
Cathy Parson Procurement Officer 410-454-7924 Email
Materials Management Analysis
Brenda Koch Materials Manager
Analysis Manager
410-454-7899 Email
Veronica Johnson Cost & Price Clerk ​410-454-7909 Email
​Clarence Canova Cost & Price Clerk 410-454-7903 Email
Katie Willinger Cost & Price Clerk ​​410-454-7883 Email
Niketa Hylton Cost & Price Clerk ​410-454-7926 Email