This webpage provides information about changes to MARC Train schedules, ticketing options, and other policies that have taken place since March 2020, when many of our daily commuters transitioned to telework due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  We are glad to welcome our passengers back and we have missed you!


IMPORTANT!  Passengers should carefully review their schedule -- there have been numerous changes since March 2020 and also many changes to which trains stop at each station.   The links to each schedule are below, along with some line-specific information.  At each link, you can download a PDF copy of the schedule (links are under the map) and you can view an interactive schedule by clicking the "Timetable" tab.

Penn Line

  • The current schedule took effect on August 29, 2024.  The next Penn Line schedule change will be in late October or early November.

Brunswick Line

  • The current schedule took effect on August 1, 2023.  There are no upcoming schedule changes for the Brunswick Line.
  • Eastbound trains at Silver Spring are no longer "L" stops - trains will depart at the printed time in the timetable.  
  • IMPORTANT!  Frederick TransIT continues to operate a reduced Meet The MARC shuttle service from Point of Rocks to Mt. Zion Park and Ride, Monocacy MARC, and Frederick. Click here for full information.

Camden Line

  • The current schedule took effect on June 1, 2021. There are no upcoming schedule changes for the Camden Line.
  • Westbound trains at Riverdale Park Town Center and eastbound trains at Dorsey are no longer "L" stops - trains will depart at the printed time in the timetable.


Click here for a full list of MARC fares and additional fare/ticketing information, including where to buy a ticket. 

NEW!  CharmFlex is a new discounted fare option to accommodate Marylanders returning to onsite work in more flexible or hybrid work schedules.  CharmFlex fares are available exclusively through the CharmPass app and MARC passengers will pay about 15% less compared to the cost of a single-trip fare.  The three- and 10-day passes (which appear in the app as six and 20 one-way fares for MARC Train customers) can be used on consecutive or non-consecutive days and are valid for up to 12 months after the date of purchase.  Visit the CharmPass page here on the MDOT MTA website for full information and links to download the app.

IMPORTANT!  Don't forget to re-start your SmartBenefits if you participate in this program.  Click here to login to your SmartBenefits account or click here for more information on allocating your benefits. After you allocate your benefits, in order to purchase tickets:

Bicycles and scooters

NEW!   Full size bicycles, e-bikes, and e-scooters are now permitted on all MARC Trains -- every train, all three lines, seven days a week!  Identify which railcar to board by looking for the green “Bicycle Entrance” decal or an illuminated green light on the outside of the car.  Passengers unable to find an available bike rack must wait for the next train with bike storage.

Passengers must bring two bungee cords with them to secure their bicycles. Railcars identified by the green "Bicycle Entrance" signs (called MARC IV cars) require the use of bungees to secure bikes, as they do not have bike racks. Bikes may be secured with bungee cords in the designated areas only on these cars. Passengers are not permitted to bring their bikes on a MARC IV railcar if they do not have bungee cords. Bungee cords may not be used to secure bikes on the other railcar types, which have built in bike racks, indicated by green lights on the outside of the car. MARC train equipment assignments vary day-to-day and your train may have any type of MARC rail car, so always travel with two bungee cords.

For full information and rules about bikes on MARC Train and other MDOT MTA modes, visit the Bikes on MARC webpage.

Tracking Your Train

Don't forget to sign up for or restart MARC Service Alerts for information on train delays and service modifications.

NEW!   MARC Train, along with the other modes of MDOT MTA and other local transit agencies, is on the Transit app.  You can see where your train is and read any service alerts that have been issued.  Information on ride share and bike/scooter share services are available as well.  Click here for more information on Transit, including links to download it to your smart device.

You can also visit for MARC Train status information.  MARC Tracker was introduced in 2000 as the first GPS-based commuter rail tracking system in North America -- it received a full overhaul in 2020 for its 20th birthday!  The new version is mobile device-friendly and provides improved information on train location and estimated arrival times. 

If You See Something, Say Something!

IMPORTANT! MARC encourages all passengers to be a part of MDOT MTA’s security campaign: If You See Something, Say Something!  Report any suspicious individuals or behavior to the conductor, uniformed employee, or police officer and call MDOT MTA Police at 410-454-7720. Passengers are asked to keep your personal belongings with you at all times. Please be alert to other passengers and remind them if they leave any parcels behind.

MARC Riders Guide

A new MARC Riders Guide was published in February 2022.  Copies are available at stations and can be downloaded here on the MDOT MTA website (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

Face Coverings

Face coverings/masks are not required, but you are free to wear one if you wish.

Other Important Things to Know and Remember

  • Passengers boarding at Camden and Brunswick Line stations that require the use of a crosswalk to get to the appropriate boarding platform must be on the platform prior to the arrival of the train. Passengers who cross in front of or behind the train while it is at the station will be denied boarding. This policy is in effect for your safety.
  • Passengers must have tickets out for inspection or collection by the Conductor or any authorized MARC representative.
  • Tickets may be inspected more than once during a trip. Expired tickets must be surrendered to the Conductor.
  • CharmPass users must have the app open and ticket activated when conductors enter the car to check tickets. When directed by the conductor, you must tap the screen on their mobile device to demonstrate the security features of the app. If your device is not working, including a dead battery, or the you refuse to tap the screen, the ticket is considered invalid and the you must purchase a ticket from the conductor.
  • Passengers without valid tickets are subject to removal from the train, fines and/or prosecution.
  • Alteration or mutilation of any ticket, or obtaining a ticket deceptively for fraudulent transportation, including the attempted use of a screen shot or video copy of a CharmPass ticket, will result in forfeiture of ticket, removal from the train and possible fines and/or prosecution. Fraudulent MARC tickets will be confiscated and turned over to MDOT MTA Police for investigation and prosecution.
  • The Quiet Commute car is available on most rush hour trains.  Hushed conversations between passengers are permitted in the Quiet Commute Car, but should be kept at a low volume – we suggest a library-like atmosphere. Seating is available on a first come first served basis. The Quiet Commute Car is not a silent car and it is not the job of the conductors to enforce Quiet Commute Car policies. The first priority of train conductors and other staff is the safe transportation of all MARC passengers. If you are unable to adhere to the Quiet Commute Car policy, please move to another car.
  • Each train has at least one restroom in the last car of the train (the car furthest from the locomotive).  Many trains have additional restrooms - cars with a restroom have either a 4, 5, or 9 as the third digit of the car number (examples: 8055, 7896, 7745).   Also, the universal restroom symbol is on the exterior of the car next to the entrance door.

Thank you - and again, welcome back!

We're glad you're riding with us again.  If you have any questions, please e-mail us at , call 410-539-5000, or send us a message through Twitter (@mtamaryland) or Facebook ( .