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SmartBenefits® just got smarter with CharmPass.

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SmartBenefits® offers tax-saving options that make it easy and more affordable to take transit. Now you can conveniently and securely access those transit options right from your smartphone.

1If you're new to the SmartBenefits® program, obtain and register your CharmCard® (MDOT MTA) or SmarTrip® (WMATA) card and provide its serial number to your employer.

2Allocate your SmartBenefits® to MDOT MTA Mobile Ticketing through your Transit Allocation account by the 21st of the month

3Download MDOT MTA's free CharmPass mobile transit fare app.

4After you've selected the line you want to buy tickets for and pressed "Checkout," simply select "SmartBenefits" as your payment type.

5Enter your SmartBenefits® account number.

6Store the account information for future purchases so you don't have to enter it again.

7Enjoy your SmartBenefits® funds being automatically available on the first day of each month.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I assign my SmartBenefits® to the CharmPass mobile ticketing app?

The first step is to allocate your SmartBenefits® to MTA Mobile Ticketing. If you are unsure of that process, you can either contact your SmartBenefits® administrator, or follow the instructions provided here:

After you have allocated to MTA Mobile Ticketing, wait until the 1st of the month to successfully add your SmartBenefits account number to the CharmPass mobile ticketing app. This is the serial number of the CharmCard or SmarTrip® card that receives SmartBenefits®

Once you have allocated your benefits to MTA Mobile Ticketing and added your SmartBenefits number to your CharmPass app, you can access your SmartBenefits® funds during the checkout process of a ticket purchase. Simply select "Add SmartBenefits®" as your payment type. Remember that SmartBenefits are allocated on the first day of each month.

Where is my CharmCard® or SmarTrip® card number?

It is located on the back of the card in the bottom right corner. There are multiple types of card numbers in circulation. Compare your number pattern to the ones in the examples. The numbers inside the brackets without spaces represent your card number. Follow the examples on the CharmPass add SmartBenefits page when selecting your numbers.

  • Example 1: [012345678]
  • Example 2: [012345678] 3
  • Example 3: [0020 00 [01 2345 678] 1 or [0020 0002 2345 678 1]
  • Example 4: [0167 0693 4564 7994 9601]

What do I need to do if my employer changes my monthly benefit amount or type?

Your smartcard will be updated provided that you tap it to a target by the 15th of the month following the change. If you also need to change your MTA mobile ticketing allocation, then login to your SmarTrip® account, click the card you use for SmartBenefits, click Manage SmartBenefits, and update your allocation amount by the deadline of the 21st of the month.

Why weren't SmartBenefits® delivered to my CharmPass app or smartcard?

Please try the solution below. If that doesn't help, then contact customer service at 1-833-CharmCard (1-833-242-7622).

  • Scenario: You reported your card as lost or damaged via your online account or a call to the Customer Service Center, but you did not provide your new card number to your employer.
  • Solution: Provide your new registered card number to your employer's SmartBenefits® Administrator and ask him/her to perform a "reassign". When you obtain a new smartcard or if you purchased your new card from a fare vendor, you must add it to your online account to "register" it. If you ordered a SmarTrip® card online, then WMATA automatically added it to your account to register it.

How do I replace a lost or damaged card that has SmartBenefits®?

If you report your card lost via your SmarTrip account, then we will automatically transfer your card’s stored value and SmartBenefits – including your transit allocation - to your replacement SmarTrip card.

Remember: If you have an account with a transit provider that references your SmarTrip card number, then you’ll need to update that account (i.e., CharmPass) with your new card number.

What happens to unspent monthly SmartBenefits® in the CharmPass app?

Monthly, use your SmartBenefits® to purchase tickets or lose it. At the beginning of each month, your new monthly SmartBenefits® will be added to your account.

  • The process is easier if you have already obtained a replacement card. However, if your card was lost, notify Customer Service immediately as described below to prevent someone else from using your card.
  • Login to your online account; click your card number; under Manage Your Card click Report Lost or Damaged Card; and follow the instructions to deactivate your old card and register your replacement card.
  • No earlier than the day after you register it, provide your employer’s SmartBenefits® Administrator with your replacement card number (see “Where is my Card Number?). Your administrator must ‘reassign’ your benefits to the replacement card. Customer Service cannot transfer your SmartBenefits®. If you use the Passenger Allocation System, then a ‘reassign’ performed after the 15th of the month may disrupt the upcoming month’s allocation. You may want to delay the reassign until the first week of the upcoming month’s allocation. Once the reassign is complete, you must create a new Passenger Allocation System account with the new card number and set-up your allocation again prior to the 21st of the month. In addition, if you use the CharmPass app, you must add your new card number to your existing CharmPass mobile app account at the beginning of the month. Adding a new smartcard number at any other time will result in removing unspent SmartBenefits® funds in the CharmPass app.