In the past five to ten years, transit riders have been introduced to an increasing number of shared and on-demand mobility services and technologies that have changed the landscape of transportation in MDOT MTA’s core service area and across the state. MDOT MTA has worked collaboratively with government and non-government partners to pilot new shared and on-demand mobility services and technologies to enhance our riders’ transit experience. Following early successes, MDOT MTA has published a Shared Mobility Work Plan to communicate to the public our existing and planned partnerships and our commitment to remain nimble and embrace new business models and technologies that benefit transit riders. The plan is living a document that will be updated and re-evaluated with continuous input from within MDOT MTA, from other state, regional, and local agencies, private and on-governmental partners, and the communities we serve.

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The 2020 Shared Mobility Work Plan defines different types of shared mobility services and technologies available nationally and within the Baltimore region. The Work Plan also describes all past and present partnerships between MDOT MTA and carshare providers such as Zipcar and Baltimore City’s Dockless Mobility Equity Zones at transit stations. Finally, the Work Plan proposes new short-term pilot projects and long-term integration of multiple services, technologies, and providers for a more a convenient and seamless customer experience.

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