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The Statewide Transit Plan (STP) will provide a 50-year vision of coordinated local, regional, and intercity transit across the state. This plan will define public transportation goals and strategies for Maryland’s rural, suburban, and urban regions with a vision toward increasingly coordinated, equitable, and innovative mobility.

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Learn About the STP

MDOT MTA is developing the STP with input from a broad range of partners, including other state agencies, local and regional governments, public and private transit providers, business and non-governmental organizations, and the public. The STP will build from existing state, regional, and local plans.

Comment and Participate

The public comment period of the draft Statewide Transit Plan closed on February 18, 2022. To reach out to the project team:

  • E-mail or call 410-220-5497
  • Sign up for e-mails below to know when major updates are available and when the final plan is published.

Statewide Transit Plan Header Image showing different vehicle modes

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Schedule of Plan Development

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Schedule of Plan Development Timeline Graphic
Dates and Milestones Description of activities
Sep.-Oct. 2020
Review Existing Conditions and Trends
Publish a survey to gather input from the public, host five regional roundtables with local government and non-government organizations, and present at public community meetings to introduce people across Maryland to the development of the STP.
Winter 2020
Understand Individual and Regional Mobility Needs
Host a second round of regional roundtables and public community meetings to share the results of the survey and analysis of existing transit in Maryland.
Spring 2021
Analyze Service Gaps and Opportunities
Conduct data analysis to quantify current conditions and desired future outcomes, using the input from roundtables and community meetings to inform areas of focus.
Winter 2022
Release Draft Plan for Public Comment
Host a third roundtable and public community pop-ups and briefings to present the draft plan's findings and recommendations. Gather feedback for the final plan.
Spring/Summer 2022
Publish Final Plan
Review and revise the plan based on comments received from local and regional partners and the public.
Summer 2022 Onward
Implement the Plan
Work with local and regional partners to implement, measure, evaluate, and iterate the plan.

Other STP Documents and Links

View past outreach materials including September 2020 survey questions and summary of responses and January 2021 informational videos and recording of public meetings.

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