Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, MARC Riders Advisory Council meetings will be held by teleconference until further notice.  This website will be updated when in-person meetings in Washington, DC resume.

The MARC Council’s regular meetings, as required in the Council’s by-laws, are held on the second Thursday of the month. All meetings begin at 4:30pm and are open to the public.

Maryland Rail Commuter (MARC) service consists of three lines covering 201 route miles, which operate in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area: The Penn Line from Perryville through Penn Station in Baltimore into Union Station, Washington, D.C.; the Camden Line from Camden Station, Baltimore, into Union Station; and the Brunswick Line from Martinsburg, W.V. through Point of Rocks and Rockville into Union Station. MARC service is provided under private contract with Amtrak and  Bombardier Transportation Services USA Corporation.

For further information or special assistance needs for the meeting, please contact:

Katherine Read, Assistant Chief Transportation Officer
MARC Train Service
1600 Ludlow Street, Building 7
Baltimore, MD  21230
Email: kread@mta.maryland.gov

Members Names and Contact Information

Name Line Email
Steve Chan, Chair Penn stephan.chan@occ.treas.gov
Joseph Conny, Vice Chair Brunswick jconny@comcast.net
Christopher T. Field, Secretary Penn christophertfield@gmail.com
Atif Adam Penn Aadam1@jhu.edu
Cheryl Bates-Harris Penn cheryl.bates-harris@ndrn.org
Carrie Blough Brunswick bloughca@gmail.com
June Marie Brandt Penn June.j.brandt@usps.gov
J.P. Carnes-Stine Brunswick jpcs_98@gmail.com
Katina Dashiell Camden kdashiell@yahoo.com
Charles Enders Brunswick charles.j.enders@faa.gov
LaToya Griffin Brunswick toyarenee10@gmail.com
J.C. Hendrickson Penn jc.hendrickson84@gmail.com
Katherine Hodges Camden katherine.hodges@GSA.gov
Corine Lopez Camden clopezus@yahoo.com
Brian Love Penn brianlove128@gmail.com
Judah Prero Penn Dapr@aol.com