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About the Project

The Harford Avenue pilot project between Forrest Street and Biddle Street will begin a six-month pilot this summer to evaluate the potential for improving passenger travel times, service reliability, and customer experience by testing peak hour dedicated bus lanes.

This pilot will replace peak hour travel lanes with peak hour bus lanes. The bus lane will be clearly identified with signs and pavement markings, and there will be no changes to existing parking or loading.

Performance will be measured by:

Travel Speeds

Crash Data

Stakeholder Feedback

image of proposed Harford Avenue Bus Lane Pilot
Project Schedule
Project schedule through Winter 2022
Comment and Participate

MDOT MTA will hold a virtual public meeting on Thursday, June 9, at 6:00pm to discuss this project along with the Transit Priority Initiatives on York Road and Harford Avenue. The hearing will take place via Zoom. Individuals wishing to attend must register by clicking the link below:

Contact the project team at with any comments or questions or to request a briefing.

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Project Map
Map of bus lane pilot location along Harford Avenue
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