Stay alert, stay safe!
  • Bus Stop: On your way to your bus stop, keep as far away from traffic as possible. If there’s snow around, be extra careful, especially around ice and related debris.
  • Clothing: Wear bright colored clothing, especially if you’re waiting for the bus before sunrise or getting home after dark. Reflective tape on your hat and coat can help you stand out.
  • Boarding: Wait until your bus comes to a complete stop and the driver opens the door before you move toward it. Line up as you wait your turn to get on the bus.
  • Seating: Once you’re on the bus, please stay in your seat and face forward. Look around to see where the emergency door and windows are located.
  • Exiting: When you get off the bus, move far away from the vehicle to allow the driver to see that you have cleared the bus and are safely away from traffic. Stay way clear of the bus wheels at all times.
  • Awareness: Be aware of other traffic in the area. Don’t assume that traffic will stop for you or even that drivers will see you. Look both ways when you cross the street until you’re safely on the other side. Please!


Here’s a partial list of some of the more popular attractions in the Baltimore area – and you can get to nearly all of them using the MTA!

  • Arundel Mills
    • Arundel Mills Mall
      LocalLink 75
  • Belair
    • Clifton Park
      LocalLinks 22, 54
  • BWI
    • Thurgood Marshall Baltimore Washington International Airport
      Light RailLink, LocalLink 75
  • Cultural Center
    • Bolton Swim & Tennis (1100 Park Avenue)
      Light RailLink, LocalLink 54
    • Eubie Blake Jazz & Cultural Center
      Light RailLink, LocalLink 54
    • Meyerhoff Symphony Hall
      Light RailLink, LocaLinks 53, 54
  • Downtown (Central Area)
    • Information will be posted soon.