Student Transit ID For K-12 Parochial and Private School Students

Whether you're new to school and ride MTA with your parents or you're an experienced rider and can ride by yourself, you can use the MTA Student ID card!

As a student with an MTA Student Transit ID card, you can pay a reduced Student Fare of just $1.50 per trip (with transfer privileges) when traveling to and from school. The Student ID card is issued to students by participating parochial and private schools, public schools in Baltimore County and some in Baltimore City.

Who can use the Student ID card?

Students in grades K- 12 attending day or night school can use the Student ID card.

When can I use the Student ID card?

If you go to school during the day, you can use the ID card to purchase the $1.50 Student Fare between the hours of 5:00 AM and 8:00 PM. If you are a night school student, you can use the ID card between the hours of 6:00 PM and 11:00 PM. Remember, the Student ID card is only valid for one school term. You will need to replace your ID card for each school term.

For example, if your school year begins in August, that is when you should ask for a new Student ID card; or if you go to school in the summer, you will need to ask for a new ID card at the beginning of summer school.

Where can I use my Student ID card?

You can use the Student ID card to pay for a Student Fare on all MTA local services: CityLink, LocalLink, Express Bus Link, Metro Subway, and Light Rail.  The Student ID card is not valid for travel on MARC Train or MDOT MTA Commuter Bus.

How do I get the Student ID card?

Visit your school’s office to request an MTA Student Transit ID card.

What if my school does not participate in the program?

Ask your school administrators to contact the MTA Reduced Fare Certification Office at 410-767-3441 or 410-767-4659, or TTY 410-333-2051. It is easy for schools to apply.

Rules for using the MTA Student ID card:

  • Present your ID card each time you pay for an MTA $1.50 Student Fare.
  • Each ID card is valid for the one time period circled on the front of the card, either 5:00 AM- 8:00 PM or 6:00 PM-11:00 PM. You can use the ID during the circled time period only.
  • The ID card is valid only for the school term printed on the front. The color of the card changes with each school year and for summer school. You will need to request a new MTA Student ID card each school year.
  • Your ID card must have your name, address, gender, the name of your school, and the date it was issued to you printed on the front. ID cards without this information will be confiscated by the MTA Operator or other MTA official and you will be required to pay the full fare to travel.
  • The expiration date (“Void After”) is printed at the bottom of each ID card.
  • Students can purchase the Student Fare any day schools are open and the MTA designates as an eligible school day. Usually student fares are not applicable on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays.
  • If you need to travel on more than one vehicle for your trip to or from school: on the first vehicle, you must request a Continuation Pass from the bus operator or Metro Subway station manager to present as payment of fare for travel on the following vehicle. If your trip begins on Light Rail, purchase your $1.50 Student Fare at the Light Rail stop. To board the second vehicle, either swipe the ticket on the bus farebox or insert it into a Metro Subway faregate.
  • Always be prepared to present your Student ID Card upon request by a Light Rail Fare Inspector or MTA official.
  • At the beginning of each school year, to allow students ample time to obtain an MTA Student ID card, students are permitted to ride without the ID for the first few days of the school year.
  • If a student chooses to withdraw from a school, they are required to surrender their Student ID card to the school.
  • Students attending St. Elizabeth School in Baltimore are eligible to purchase the $1.50 Student Fare until completion of their education.
  • MTA Student Transit ID cards are non-transferable and subject to all MTA regulations.
  • The Student ID card is not valid for travel on MARC Train or MDOT MTA Commuter Bus
S-Pass - Baltimore City Public School Students

Baltimore City Public School Students participating in the City’s schools sponsored Student Transportation Program are issued non-transferable monthly S-Passes and a Baltimore City Public Schools Student Transit Identification Card. 

To ride MTA local services students must show the Student Transit Identification Card and S-Pass to a Bus Operator, Metro Subway attendant, or Light Rail fare inspector. 

The student to whom the S-Pass and Transit Identification Card is issued is entitled to ride MTA Local Services on school days only between the hours of 5:00 AM and 8:00 PM, and agrees to observe and comply with the following policies:

  • The S-Pass is not valid on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays or days when schools are closed, including weather related closings. 
  • The identification card must contain the student’s name, age, gender, address, school name and last four digits of the S-Pass serial number.
  • If the ID and/or S-Pass are used by anyone other than the student to whom it was issued, they will be confiscated by the Bus Operator, Metro Subway attendant, Light Rail Fare Inspector or any MTA official, and the rider will be required to pay the full fare.
  • The Student Identification Card must be shown upon request to bus operators, station attendants, fare inspectors, or other MTA officials when using an S-Pass for travel.