Start Date:

06/15/2020 9:32 AM

End Date:

07/24/2020 9:32 PM


Passengers are reminded that the Brunswick Line continues to operate on the R schedule with limited additional service, as outlined below.

Please remember that all riders using public transit are REQUIRED to wear face coverings to reduce the spread of COVID-19, including MARC Train, local bus, light rail, metro subway, commuter bus, and Mobility/paratransit service. This action supports Governor Hogan’s Executive Order number 20-04-15-01. MARC trains undergo daily disinfecting including high passenger touchpoint areas. Each train has at least one restroom with a sink and soap and water so that passengers can wash their hands. For additional information, please visit

The following Brunswick Line trains are operating under the current schedule:

Morning to Washington: Train 872 (5:00am departure from Martinsburg), Train 892 (6:05am departure from Frederick), Train 878 (6:25am departure from Martinsburg) and Train 880 (7:45am departure from Brunswick).

Evening departures from Union Station: Train 875 (4:25pm departure to Martinsburg), Train 877 (4:55pm departure to Brunswick), Train 893 (5:20pm departure to Frederick) and Train 881 (6:20pm departure to Martinsburg). Both Trains 875 and 881 will operate through to Martinsburg.

Passengers traveling to Monocacy and Frederick should note that Frederick TransIT has not restored the Meet the MARC shuttle service from Point of Rocks.

Thank you for riding MARC Train.

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