Start Date:

06/20/2024 9:30 AM

End Date:

07/26/2024 1:53 PM


There will be minor adjustments to three Penn Line trains on Monday, June 24:

--Train 536 (5:12pm departure from Union Station) will depart six minutes later at 5:18pm

--Train 544 (6:20pm departure from Union Station) will still depart Washington at 6:20pm, but will depart stations from BWI to Aberdeen two to eight minutes later

--Train 447 (6:00pm departure from Penn Station) will depart ten minutes later at 6:10pm.

Given the minor nature of these changes, the printed and PDF versions of the timetable will not be updated. However, the trip planer at and display signs at stations will be updated. Thank you for riding MARC Train.

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