Our Top Priority is the Safety of our Passengers and Employees

MDOT MTA recognizes that the best transit experience is all about you, and that no aspect of your journey is more important than your safety. That unwavering attitude has resulted in MDOT MTA being consistently recognized as the safest transit agency amongst the top 13 agencies in the U.S., with the fewest number of Part 1 crimes committed on its vehicles or property.

You play an important role in maintaining your own safety as well. The guidelines below outline some basic, common-sense tips that can help you navigate your way safely and securely so that you can easily complete your trip.

Thank you for riding MDOT MTA, where ensuring your well-being is fundamental to everything else we do.

Safety & Security with MDOT MTA

Ride Safely

On this page you'll find common sense rules to be aware of every time you ride.

Stop Sexual Harassment

There's no place for sexual harassment on MDOT MTA vehicles or property. Here's what to do if you're being harassed or witnessing harassment.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking – exploiting another person for labor, services or commercial sex – keeps its victims in bondage and affects all parts of Maryland. Here’s how you can help put an end to this horrible crime, one perpetrator at a time.