Public Impacts Report


As a matter of safety and improving the transit experience for our customers and all our state’s citizens, the Maryland Transit Administration works continuously to maintain and improve our infrastructure and facilities statewide. Here are some of the projects we’re working on currently and those that are most likely to have an impact on the traveling public.

Download MTA's Public Impacts Report (PDF file)




Patapsco Ave Station Park & Ride Pavement Repairs
DESCRIPTION: Pavement repairs and rehabilitation to existing station parking lot.
IMPACT:  Lot will remain open during repairs while allowing bus, ridership, and pedestrian traffic to flow with minimal impact. 

Howard Street Trough Repair 
DESCRIPTION: Replacement of rail and elastomeric grout at Howard and Lexington and Saratoga Streets. 
IMPACT: Remaining work to be completed during non-revenue hours, should not impact the public.

Camden Station
DESCRIPTION: Construction of new MARC station is ongoing.  LTR is by-passing the Camden Station.
IMPACT: Construction fence and barriers have been installed—LR station is not accessible.  
Signage has been installed at adjacent LTR stations to inform customers that Light Rail Station at Camden is not open for service during construction.
The new LTR Camden Station is scheduled to re-open 3/31/19.

LTR Pedestrian Crossings and Howard Street Repairs
DESCRIPTION: Replacement of defective rails and pedestrian crossings at Cultural Center Station and Timonium.  Also replacing rail on Howard Street during the same shutdown.
IMPACT: LTR will be shut down from N. Ave to Convention Center for the weekend of November 30 – December 3rd.  Back up weekend for work is planned for the weekend of December 7 – December 10th.  Expect to complete Timonium work during 2 weekend shutdowns in December, dates TBD.


Kirk Bus Modernization Phase 2 Ultimate
DESCRIPTION:  Phase 2 includes demolishing the existing kirk bus division and constructing a new bus storage facility on the site. 
IMPACT:  Residents on the neighboring streets (Bartlett, Homewood, and Bonaparte) will experience construction activities as they did during Phase 1.  Traffic MOT plan closing the parking lane along the jobsite on Kirk Ave and Bonaparte and eventually Homewood Ave will be renovated with new paving and sidewalk along property lines.

MARC Train

Camden Station
DESCRIPTION: Existing MARC Camden Station has been demolished and construction of new station is ongoing. 
IMPACT: Station is closed.  There is no impact to MARC train service.  Temporary canopy has been provided on Conway Street.  Bike shelters and MARC TVM have also been relocated to Conway.  New circulation patterns are in effect.  Construction fence and barriers have been installed and MARC customers must adhere to new circulation patterns.  MARC customers should give themselves an extra few minutes for their commute.  Signage has been installed at Camden Station to assist MARC customers.  MARC customers must refrain from trespassing on LTR tracks.
The new MARC Camden Station is scheduled to re-open 3/31/19.