The Procurement Organization's primary goal is to engage in third party contract arrangements in support of corporate and operations requirements. These contacts will provide MTA with the highest quality of goods and services, which are timely, efficient and economical. All procurements are to be conducted by maximizing open competition, encouraging MBE participation and following all required COMAR and Federal procurement practices.

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Opportunities for Your Business to Do Business with MTA!

Doing business with the Maryland Transit Administration and the State of Maryland has never been easier. If you are a first time visitor to our site, you should begin by browsing available procurement opportunities. You may also visit to find opportunities with other State agencies. Once you find a solicitation you would like to view, please register on our website. By registering you can be sure to receive updates to the solicitation documents.

All MTA solicitations are conducted in accordance with State and Federal laws and regulations.  If you have never worked with us before, it might be helpful to become familiar with the regulations you and we are expected to abide by.  The relevant regulations are explained in Title 21 of the Code of Maryland Regulations. [COMAR On-Line]

If you have questions about an MTA procurement, please direct those questions to the procurement officer noted on the solicitation documents, or in our Staff Directory. Do not contact other employees of the MTA about procurements.

Helpful Hints - When submitting a bid or proposal be sure to:
  1. Sign all documents
  2. Have the person who signs the documents also complete a bid affidavit
  3. Follow all instructions in the solicitation documents for how to prepare your submission for MTA review
  4. Be on time – proposals cannot be accepted after the date and time noted in the solicitation documents or in addenda
  5. Identify MBE/DBE subcontracting opportunities and document your efforts to find subcontractors to help you meet the MBE/DBE goal
Construction/Installation and Professional Services Section

The Construction/Installation & Professional Services Section is responsible for all multi-year contracts for the MTA.  Construction projects may consist of structural, civil, architectural, mechanical, electrical and systems engineering work for MTA’s CityLink, LocalLink Service, Maryland Rail Commuter (MARC), Central Light RailLink Line (CLRL), Baltimore METRO SubwayLink Service, and various Short Line (freight) Railroads.  Service contracts are a rendering of time, effort or work to include, but are not limited to consultants, attorneys, accountants, physicians, appraisers and information technology (IT), excluding architectural/engineering and construction related services for planning and management. 

Operations Section

The Operations/IT Services Section is responsible for all multi-year contracts for all rolling stock procurements for Transit Bus, MARC Commuter Rail, Light RailLink, Metro SubwayLink, Mobility, Commuter Bus and Information Technology (IT) Services. This Section also bids and awards procurements for the various operations facility maintenance departments, capital equipment requirements and rolling stock overhaul projects that are transit related service contracts for all MTA modes.

Architectural/Engineering and Professional Services Section

The Architectural/Engineering & Professional Services Section is responsible for all multi-year contracts for architechtural/engineering (A&E) services for the Office of Engineering, the Office of Planning and other divisions within the MTA. A&E services include consultation, research, investigation, evaluation, planning and design. Projects may consist of structural, civil, architectural, mechanical, and electrical systems engineering work, systems engineering, systems construction management, surveying & landscaping. Construction related services include feasibility studies, surveying, construction management, construction inspection, interior design and telecommunications systems.

Purchasing Section

The Purchasing Section is responsible for small procurement, commodity and services related to bus & rail.

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