MDOT MTA launched a new website on January 19, 2019. This new design is a complete rebuild of the site template and infrastructure to better serve the needs of riders and users, as well as setting the stage for easier integration with future enhancements. Not only does the new website offer a cleaner, more modern look, but special care has been given to the mobile version with easy to access tools right at your fingertips. There is also a new Pass Store for CharmCard, GoPass, and Mobility Booklet purchases.

Details of changes can be found below-

Route & Schedule Information

  • Routes and schedules are more detailed and complete than ever.  In additional to the static schedule PDF and image route map, every route on every mode includes a dynamic Google map showing the full route path and every stop on the route.  This applies to CityLink, LocalLink, and Express BusLink buses, Metro SubwayLink, Light RailLink, Commuter Bus, and MARC Train.
  • Each route has built in "trip planner lite" functionality that will let you choose origin and destination stops for that route to see departure and arrivals times, along with every stop in-between. 
  • Each route has calendar functionality to look up schedule information for trips on future days- weekdays, Saturday, or Sunday. The schedules default to the current day and time so you can lookup the next bus arrivals to your stop with ease. Note that if you select a day that a route has no service- such as the 150 on Sunday- you won't get any results.
  • Schedule information for every stop on every route on every mode is available- not just timepoints.  
  • If realtime information for your selected stop and route is available when you load the page, the schedule results will show you the radio icon and realtime predicted arrival time(s).
  • MARC Train routes have built in HTML timetables.
  • Schedule information is powered by publically accessible GTFS data; information will always be up-to-date.

Realtime Information

  • Realtime information for CityLink, LocalLink, and Express BusLink buses is available directly on the website.
  • 20-second auto-refresh of results on mobile phones for updated predicted arrival times.

Service Alerts

  • New Unified Service Alert system that allows us to post alerts to the website, tweet them to our @mtamaryland account, email an eAlert to subscribers, and post the alert to the new GTFS-RT Service Alert feed all at the same time.
  • If you use the Transit app, you will see alerts for your route posted directly in the app. If you ride MARC Train, you may have noticed this already!
  • Service alerts have all been consolidated into a single Service Alert page on the website with filters by mode.
  • Service alerts are line specific, meaning we will be able to dispatch alerts by route for extra granularity.

Trip Planner

  • New on-site Trip Planner utilizing Google Maps functionality to give you the best transit options between points around the region.

Website Design

  • Fast, clean, responsive design that works great on your desktop, tablet, and mobile phone.
  • Special focus on mobile design for quick access to Routes & Schedules, Realtime Information, the Trip Planner, and Service Alerts directly from the home screen.
  • A special utility nav in the header and a sticky footer on mobile devices so you can access those four features on the home screen directly from any page of the website.

Pass Store

  • Brand new eCommerce platform brings an improved, more modern user experience to the online purchase process of CharmCards, GoPasses, and MobilityLink tickets. 
  • The platform gives us flexibility to provide new product offerings and integrations in the future.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE -- because of system compatibility, users and order history from the current MDOT MTA website will not transfer over to the new MDOT MTA website.  We understand how frustrating this may be, but strongly feel that the enhancements and future potential will be worth it for our riders and customers.  You will need to re-register on the new website with your first order.  We will have all old order information archived should questions come up.  

Old Information and Links

  • The old MDOT MTA website had thousands of pages and files dating back nearly a decade.  A lot of that old, outdated information has been removed in this transition. If you have bookmarked links, they may not resolve on the new website.