We are proud of who we are and have every right to be. We have served the citizens of the great State of Maryland for over 30-years, yet "content" is something we will never be. There is always room for improvement. You deserve it and we continually strive for it.

We have implemented state-of-the technologies of enhanced Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and sophisticated intrusion detection systems to keep our customers safe while utilizing the Maryland Transit Administrations (MTAs) five modes of public transportation. Whether traveling by Bus, Metro, Light Rail, MARC Commuter Rail or our Mobility services, you can rest assured your safety and security are our top priority.

Although new technologies help us do our jobs more efficiently, we know that it is the daily person-to-person contacts with you, our customers that is the most vital element of successful crime prevention. Thousands of pairs of eyes and ears travel throughout our systems everyday. I am constantly amazed by stories of how our customers have become valuable partners to our officers by responding to our If you see something, say something message. Several customers have earned MTA Police Awards of Recognition for their assistance in solving crimes by providing timely and critical information. What a true example of personal empowerment!

Our agency has responded to current events and the continued recognition of transit as one of our nations critical infrastructures. We have recently added explosive detection K-9 dogs to our department as yet another layer of security for you, your property, our employees and facilities. We also utilize the ComStat (Computer Statistics) process to maintain personal accountability for our overall effectiveness. Through this process, we conduct a detailed analysis of our crime statistics and identify any trends. We pursue the principle of relentless follow-up to ensure we have done everything humanly possible to solve each and every crime. Our District Commanders then identify re-deployment strategies and other law enforcement resources that can be used to swiftly address the issue and reduce the crime.

Many of you have witnessed and commented upon our Zone Enforced Unified Sweeps (ZEUS) Operations. These unannounced surge sweeps are deployed on a very regular basis to target-harden all of our properties against potential terrorist/criminal activity. Our officers can be rapidly deployed in significant numbers at anytimeto anyplace. They arrive, seemingly out of nowhere, to deal with a specific crime trend, or to conduct thorough security checks of our facilities. No one, except the officers themselves, knows where they will be arriving, not even other MTA employees. It is yet another example of the extent to which we will go to keep you and your family members safe.

Some people never look beyond the shield, when they think about police officers. To us, the shield is the symbol of public trust, to which we have dedicated our lives. We do not hide behind these shields. We carry them with pride and dignity. Our shields are not heavy; we can carry them all dayevery day, and we stand ever ready to thrust them between the innocence of would-be victims, and the wickedness of those who attempt to harm them.

You deserve nothing less!