A new Penn Line schedule will take effect on Monday, June 17. The schedule changes are the result of ongoing trackwork by Amtrak, which will be taking place between Bowie State University and Baltimore.  In response to customer feedback, we are providing this new schedule five weeks prior to implementation in order to allow customers adequate time to adjust their commuting schedule.

There are many changes to weekday northbound trains, with minor adjustments to weekday southbound and all weekend service. Download a copy of the new schedule here: full timetable / weekday only / weekend only (the second two links are mobile device-friendly).  Paper copies will be available in stations.  Carefully review the schedule to identify changes to the trains you ride. Specific details about changes are listed below, as well as some "Frequently Asked Questions" about the new schedule.

Some trains will operate at reduced speeds as they pass trackworkers to ensure their safety, and all trains may experience 5-10 minute delays. We thank you in advance for your patience as Amtrak works to maintain and upgrade the railroad.

Passengers should note that starting on June 17 between 3:20pm and 8:15pm, northbound trains will operate on the southbound track at Bowie State University, Odenton, BWI Airport, Halethorpe and West Baltimore stations. Southbound trains will operate on the center track and board from the northbound platforms during these times.  Trains will continue the current practice of operating on the opposite track between 3:30 and 7:15pm at New Carrollton, Seabrook, Bowie State and Odenton until June 16.

We appreciate your patience during this work as Amtrak continues to upgrade the Northeast Corridor for the benefit of all rail users.

Frequently Asked Questions about the MARC Penn Line June 17 schedule

There was just a schedule change at the beginning of March.  Why are there more changes?

As the Amtrak trackwork progresses north, adjustments are necessary as sections of track are removed from service when the work begins, and completed track is returned to service. This phase of work will take the regular northbound track out of service between Bowie State University and just north of West Baltimore stations. No trains (Amtrak or MARC) can pass each other between these points, so train departure times and stopping patterns must be adjusted to account for this. Passengers should plan for another schedule change in late July or early August (exact date TBD), which will be in effect through the middle of October.

Does this schedule correct problems encountered with the March 4 schedule and afternoon northbound service?

Yes it does. Train 634 is returning to its original departure time of 4:40pm. The 4:57pm departure caused significant overcrowding on the train and numerous domino-effect delays to other trains. We thank our partners at Amtrak for their work to restore the 4:40pm departure time, including making adjustments to one of their Regional trains. Moving 634 back to 4:40pm will eliminate delays experienced by Trains 536 and 438 caused by following 634 (all trains may experience 5-10 minute delays passing through the trackwork area).

While there have been delays in afternoon service, it should be noted that morning southbound service to Washington has operated at over 97% since March 4.

Why is the train I ride now skipping the station I travel to?

Trains must keep moving as quickly and safely as possible between Bowie State University and Baltimore to ensure that all trains – MARC and Amtrak – stay on schedule. Trains cannot pass each other in the 24 mile trackwork area; MARC Trains must arrive in Baltimore with enough time to stay ahead of the hourly Amtrak Acela Express service.  Select stops have been temporarily removed from trains to ensure that MARC trains remain on schedule and get to Baltimore without delaying the Acela Express.

Why does Train 440 take 24 minutes to travel from Seabrook to Odenton?

Since trains cannot pass each other in the trackwork area, as discussed above, Train 440 must hold 14-16 minutes north of Seabrook to permit two Amtrak trains to pass. In order to reduce the delay to Train 440, it will continue to skip Bowie State University. Passengers traveling to Bowie State University are encouraged to use Train 438, now departing at 5:20pm, which operates non-stop from Washington to Bowie State University.  Train 642 is also an option.

Why are trains operating on the opposite platform in the afternoon rush hour?

Trains are running on the opposite platform in order to allow northbound rush hour trains to use a full platform instead of the smaller low platform at Bowie State University and the bridgeplates at Odenton, BWI, and Halethorpe.  We recognize that this will pose an inconvenience for BWI Rail Station passengers as they will be required to use the stairs/elevator and overhead bridge in the afternoon. Using the opposite platforms is the safest way to detrain large numbers of passengers and the only way to reduce unloading and loading times to keep all trains moving through the trackwork area.

Why is Train 536 still skipping Martin State Airport -- its outside of the trackwork area?

Train 536 must stay ahead of an Amtrak Acela Express train. Starting with the March 4 change, the Acela began departing Washington at 5:50pm instead of 6:00pm.  If 536 does not skip Martin Airport, it will be held between 15 and 20 minutes just south of Edgewood for the Acela to pass. We recognize that this is not ideal for Martin Airport passengers, but a 15-20 minute daily delay would be a significant hardship on Edgewood, Aberdeen, and Perryville passengers, many of whom have lengthy drives to and from their station.

Specific Changes

Weekday southbound

  • There are no train or time changes between the beginning of service and Train 419 (7:45am departure from Penn Station).
  • The only morning southbound rush hour change is train 421, which will depart Baltimore 11 minutes later at 8:26am.
  • Train 525 will depart Perryville five minutes later at 8:35am, operate five minutes later to Martin Airport, then depart Baltimore 14 minutes later en route to Washington.
  • Train 433 will depart Baltimore 12 minutes later at 1:42pm and will only stop at BWI, Odenton, New Carrollton and Washington.
  • Train 537 will operate as currently scheduled Perryville-Martin Airport, but will depart Baltimore, BWI, and New Carrollton five minutes earlier.
  • Train 641 will add a stop at West Baltimore, but will not stop at Bowie State University.
  • Train 449 will depart Baltimore 10 minutes later at 6:45pm.
  • Train 453 will depart Baltimore 10 minutes later at 9:35pm.

Weekday northbound

  • Train 412 will not stop at BWI, Halethorpe or West Baltimore.
  • Train 414 will not stop at New Carrollton, Seabrook or Bowie State.
  • Train 416 will depart Washington ten minutes earlier at 10:15am and will not stop at Seabrook or Halethorpe.
  • Train 418 will depart Washington ten minutes earlier at 11:15am and will not stop at New Carrollton or West Baltimore.
  • Train 520 will depart Washington five minutes earlier at 12:15pm.
  • Train 422 will not stop at Seabrook and depart all stations Bowie to West Baltimore earlier.
  • Train 426 will depart Washington 16 minutes earlier at 3:10pm and will not stop at West Baltimore. Passengers traveling to West Baltimore may remain on Train 426 to Penn Station and transfer to Train 641, which will add a stop at West Baltimore.
  • Train 634 will go back to its former scheduled departure time of 4:40pm, but will not stop at Odenton or West Baltimore. Passengers traveling to Odenton and West Baltimore should use Train 536, which after departing Washington, operates directly to Odenton, then directly to West Baltimore.
  • Train 536 will depart Washington two minutes earlier at 5:10pm.
  • Train 438 will depart Washington five minutes earlier at 5:20pm.
  • Train 440 will depart Washington 12 minutes later at 5:40pm and will restore a stop at Seabrook. The train will have a scheduled hold south of the trackwork area to allow two Amtrak trains to pass before proceeding north.
  • Train 642 will depart Washington two minutes later at 6:00pm.
  • Train 544 will not stop at Seabrook and will depart all stations Bowie State University to West Baltimore earlier.
  • Train 452 will depart Washington 10 minutes later at 10:55pm.

Weekend Northbound

The timetable grid design has changed to make it clearer which trains do and do not serve Martin Airport station on Saturday vs. Sunday.

Most Saturday and Sunday trains depart Washington ten minutes later, except:

  • Saturday 476 which departs two minutes earlier at 9:00am
  • Saturday 490, 494, and 696 – No change (4:30pm, 7:30pm, 9:00pm respectively)

Weekend Southbound

The timetable grid design has changed to make it clearer which trains do and do not serve Martin Airport station on Saturday vs. Sunday.

Saturday 491 departs Baltimore ten minutes later at 4:10pm.