In 1971, the MTA Police Force was founded by state legislation, as a fully commissioned, full-service police force, which has full police authority throughout the state of Maryland. The MTA Police Force investigates all state law, and city and county code violations occurring within MTA vehicles, stations, facilities and property.

The MTA is unique, as it is the only one of five transit properties in the nation to operate all five modes of transportation: Bus, Metro, Light-Rail, ParaTransit, and Commuter Rail (MARC).

The members of the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) Police Force have entered the new century prepared to meet the challenges of protecting the thousands of customers who utilize the State's five different modes of public transportation. The simple fact that the Bus, Metro, Light Rail, MARC commuter rail, and Mobility systems are built to be accessible to all members of society, produces the dilemma of how to effectively protect our customers and transportation assets against criminal activity.

To accomplish this mission, the MTA continues to rely on the professional efforts of its Police Force. Our officers must be ever watchful for that one person in the anonymous sea of patrons who may wish to bring harm to innocent civilians or the transit system. The ability to provide a secure environment, in which people can enjoy the comfort of a high degree of security without sensing an oppressive law enforcement presence, is an extremely difficult balance to maintain. Moreover, we are frequently faced with the challenge of enforcing State and local laws within the systems in such a manner as to correct the actions of the offender, yet maintain a positive atmosphere to promote increased rider ship. To successfully meet that challenge, we rely on the skills of our officers who take the public relations component of law enforcement to a new level.

The fact that we are not a traditional municipal law enforcement agency does not prohibit us from practicing the time proven effectiveness of community policing. The individual transportation systems are our diverse communities, and in fact, are microcosms of the communities in which they exist. Therefore, we must continually nurture our proficiency with all facets of policing in Baltimore City and Baltimore, Anne Arundel and Howard Counties.

The challenges confronting the MTA Police Force will continue to be met with pride and excellence. Our success is not measured by the number of professional acknowledgements received; but by the continued observations of customers who have such confidence in our agency, that they can relax with an open book while traveling to their destinations.