Courtesy toward Your Commuter Bus Neighbor

MDOT MTA believes "courtesy is contagious." But because our riders are primarily concerned with getting to work in the morning and returning home in the evening, it is not surprising that they are not always as mindful as they should be of the comfort of their fellow commuters. Courtesy is an essential quality for commuters to embrace. Therefore, it never hurts to brush up on some familiar points that might need to be repeated from time to time:

Cell Phone Use:

Please be mindful of the other passengers while talking on a cell phone – calls should be brief, limited in number and made quietly so as not to disturb fellow commuters who are trying to read or rest.

Listening to Music:

Passengers are welcome to listen to their favorite music on-board the coach. However, headphones must be worn and should be kept at a reasonable volume level so as not to disturb those seated nearby.;

Placing Items on the Seat:

Riders should be aware that they should not fill up an additional seat with packages or other oversized items without paying for the use of that second seat. This is considered "fare evasion." Passengers boarding at the end of a route should not have to ask for items to be removed from a seat so they can sit.

Seating for Seniors or Individuals with Disabilities:

Since commuter coaches do not have designated areas for seniors or for individuals with temporary or permanent disabilities, we ask that riders offer those seats at the front of the coach to passengers with special needs.

Animals on Commuter Bus:

Only service animals aiding individuals with disabilities are permitted on-board MDOT MTA commuter coaches. Small animals must be placed in a confined carrying case that must rest on the passenger's lap while riding.

Use of Perfumes and Colognes:

An issue that many passengers do not consider is the effect of perfumes and colognes in an enclosed environment such as a commuter coach. Many individuals experience respiratory discomfort when exposed to airborne chemicals. Passengers are asked to be considerate of those with allergies by not using any aromatic sprays while riding and to use perfumes and colognes in moderation.

Taking the time to be respectful of surrounding passengers can make traveling a much more pleasant experience for everyone. MDOT MTA thanks you for respecting your commuting neighbors and for helping to make courtesy contagious.

Thank you for riding Commuter Bus.