Bike to Work Day 2019

MDOT MTA sees bicycling as an important transportation option and a way to help extend the reach of transit by filling the first mile/last mile gaps. As such MDOT MTA is undertaking a variety of different efforts on Bike to Work Day (B2WD) in order to better support and thank riders that ride a bicycle to transit.

MDOT MTA will host a Bike to Work Day Pit Stop at Penn Station from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. on Friday, May 17, 2019 to thank the 60+ riders that bike to Penn Station on a daily basis. There will be a table in the central plaza with snacks, drinks, t-shirts and other goodies for riders who register by May 15 at

In addition to regular Bike Car service on the Penn Line, MARC will run Bike Cars on seven additional northbound and five additional southbound Penn Line trains. MARC Bike Cars will serve the Brunswick Line with an eastbound departure from Frederick and an eastbound departure from Brunswick in the morning, with a westbound arrival at Frederick and a westbound arrival at Brunswick in the afternoon. MARC's Camden Line will have four Bike Car trains: one northbound and one southbound in the both the morning and afternoon. The train numbers and scheduled times for departure at each station are listed below. For a complete list of regular Bike Car schedules on the Penn Line, please click here. Bike Cars hold up to 24 bicycles and 40 passengers.



Penn Line Southbound Additional Bike Car Service (check the Penn Line timetable for trains that accept bikes every day)

Train Number 423 433 537 641 447
Perryville - - 2:30PM - -
Aberdeen - - 2:37PM - -
Edgewood - - 2:46PM - -
Martin Airport - - 2:57PM 3:53PM -
Penn Station 8:50AM 1:30PM 3:25PM 4:23PM 5:50PM
West Baltimore 8:58AM 1:37PM - - -
Halethorpe 9:05AM 1:43PM - - -
BWI Rail Station 9:12AM 1:50PM 3:39PM 4:37PM 6:04PM
Odenton 9:19AM 1:57PM - 4:44PM -
Bowie State 9:26AM 2:03PM - 4:50PM -
Seabrook - - - - -
New Carrollton 9:34AM 2:11PM 3:56PM 4:58PM 6:21PM
Union Station 9:51AM 2:28PM 4:11PM 5:15PM 6:36PM

Penn Line Northbound Additional Bike Car Service (check the Penn Line timetable for trains that accept bikes every day)

Train Number 410 610 612 418 520 422 430
Union Station 7:18AM 8:00AM 8:20AM 11:25AM 12:20PM 1:15PM 4:20PM
New Carrollton 7:29AM 8:11AM 8:31AM 11:36AM 12:31PM 1:26PM -
Seabrook 7:33AM 8:15AM - 11:40AM 12:35PM 1:30PM -
Bowie State 7:39AM 8:21AM - 11:46AM 12:41PM 1:36PM -
Odenton 7:45AM 8:27AM 8:44AM 11:52AM 12:47PM 1:42PM -
BWI Rail Station 7:52AM 8:34AM 8:51AM 11:59AM 12:54PM 1:49PM 4:46PM
Halethorpe 7:58AM - 8:57AM 12:06PM 1:00PM 1:55PM 4:52PM
West Baltimore 8:04AM - 9:03AM 12:12PM 1:06PM 2:01PM 4:59PM
Penn Station 8:18AM 8:56AM 9:15AM 12:33PM 1:20PM 2:15PM 5:11PM
Martin Airport - 9:18AM 9:36AM - 1:32PM - -
Edgewood - - - - 1:46PM - -
Aberdeen - - - - 1:54PM - -
Perryville - - - - 2:05PM - -

Camden Line Southbound Bike Car Trains

Train Number 847 853
Camden Station 6:30AM 3:40PM
Dorsey 6:50AM 3:58PM
Savage 6:58AM 4:05PM
Laurel 7:05AM 4:11PM
Muirkirk 7:11AM 4:16PM
Greenbelt 7:17AM 4:22PM
College Park 7:21AM 4:26PM
Riverdale 7:28AM -
Union Station 7:44AM 4:50PM

Camden Line Northbound Bike Car Trains

Train Number 846 854
Union Station 8:00AM 5:22PM
Riverdale -- 5:32PM
College Park 8:11AM 5:34PM
Greenbelt 8:16AM 5:39PM
Muirkirk 8:22AM 5:45PM
Laurel 8:29AM 5:52PM
Savage 8:35AM 5:58PM
Dorsey 8:46AM 6:12PM
Camden Station 9:08AM 6:41PM

Brunswick Line Eastbound Bike Car Trains

Train Number 894 880
Brunswick - 7:45AM
Frederick 7:10AM -
Monocacy 7:16AM -
Point of Rocks - 7:55AM
Dickerson ** 8:02AM
Barnesville - 8:08AM
Boyds - 8:13AM
Germantown 7:51AM 8:19AM
Metropolitan Grove 775AM 8:24AM
Gaithersburg 8:04AM 8:30AM
Washington Grove - 8:33AM
Rockville 8:12AM 8:41AM
Garrett Park 8:17AM 8:46AM
Kensington 8:21AM 8:50AM
Silver Spring 8:32AM 9:01AM
Union Station 8:52AM 9:21AM

Brunswick Line Westbound Bike Cars

Train Number 893* 883
Union Station 5:20PM 7:25PM
Silver Spring 5:34PM 7:37PM
Kensington 5:40PM 7:42PM
Garrett Park -- 7:45PM
Rockville 5:49PM 7:50PM
Washington Grove -- 7:54PM
Gaithersburg 5:55PM 7:57PM
Metropolitan Grove 5:58PM 8:00PM
Germantown 6:05PM 8:07PM
Boyds -- 8:10PM
Barnesville 6:15PM 8:13PM
Dickerson -- 8:16PM
Point of Rocks* ** 8:29PM
Monocacy 6:49PM -
Frederick 6:59PM -
Brunswick - 8:47PM

**stop for bicycles only on Brunswick Line trains

MDOT MTA will also have staff at the Frederick Bike to Work Day event, and as mentioned above, will operate the MARC Bike Cars to serve both the Frederick and Brunswick stations. More information is available from the Bike To Work Day 2019 Facebook Event.  Staff will also be at the B&A Trail - Severna Park Marketplace Pit Stop and at the Mt. Vernon Maryland State Highway Administration Pit Stop at Builford Ave & E. Monument St.

With the installation of new bike racks on 35 railcars, MARC Train riders now can transport full-size bicycles on many weekday rush-hour Penn Line trains. The new full-size bike racks are available on a first-come, first-served basis and continue MDOT MTA’s efforts to expand bicycle access across Maryland, including the addition of bicycle parking at 11 MARC stations and nine Metro SubwayLink stations. Statewide, MDOT MTA has worked closely with local jurisdictions to enhance bicycle connections to transit facilities.

MARC riders should check the schedule for the bicycle symbol to determine which trains have bike racks installed. At the station, passengers with full-size bicycles can identify which railcar to board by looking for an illuminated green light on the outside of the car. Passengers unable to find an available bike rack will need to wait for the next train with bike racks. The MARC Bike Cars will be clearly identified and riders should board and alight at designated entrances and exits. Collapsible/folding bikes continue to be accepted on all MARC trains.

Bike to Work Day Central Maryland is coordinated by the Baltimore Metropolitan Council (BMC) and supported by a wide variety of sponsors and volunteers from around the region. There are over 40 Pit Stops around the region with one in Carroll County, two in Howard County, seven in Baltimore County, four in Harford County, ten in Anne Arundel County, and nineteen in Baltimore City.