Bike To Work Day 2018

MDOT MTA sees bicycling as an important transportation option and a way to help extend the reach of transit by filling the first mile/last mile gaps. As such, the MDOT MTA is undertaking a variety of different efforts on Bike to Work Day (B2WD) to support and thank our riders that bike to transit.

MDOT MTA will host a Bike to Work Day Pit Stop at Penn Station from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. on Friday, June 1, 2018 to thank the 60+ riders that bike to Penn Station on a daily basis. There will be a table in the central plaza near the statue with snacks, drinks, t-shirts and other goodies for riders who register at BMC’s Bike to Work Day website. Because these events were rescheduled, those wishing to participate may register on the BMC's Bike to Work Day website through May 30.

The MARC Bike Cars will be running on five southbound and five northbound Penn Line trains and one eastbound and one westbound train on the Brunswick Line from Frederick on Friday, June 1, 2018. The train numbers and scheduled times for departure at each station are listed below. The Bike Cars hold up to 24 bicycles and 40 passengers and operate on select weekend MARC Penn Line trains. Later this year MARC will start introducing vertical bicycle racks on select MARC passenger cars and will continue adding those until the entire fleet has been equipped.

Southbound Penn Line – Bike Car service on Friday, June 1, 2018

Train Number






Martin Airport

6:05 AM




3:53 PM

Baltimore Penn Station

6:30 AM

6:45 AM

11:35 AM

2:35 PM

4:23 PM

West Baltimore

6:39 AM

6:53 AM

11:41 AM

2:41 PM



6:46 AM

7:00 AM

11:47 AM

2:47 PM


BWI Marshall Airport Station

6:54 AM

7:08 AM

11:55 AM

2:55 PM

4:38 PM


7:02 AM

7:16 AM

12:03 AM

3:03 PM

4:46 PM

Bowie State

7:09 AM

7:23 AM

12:09 PM

3:09 PM

4:52 PM


7:17 AM

7:31 AM

12:16 PM

3:16 PM


New Carrollton

7:21 AM

7:35 AM

12:20 PM

3:20 PM

5:01 PM

Washington Union Station

7:36 AM

7:50 AM

12:36 PM

3:35 PM

5:16 PM


Northbound Penn Line – Bike Car service on Friday, June 1, 2018

Train Number






Washington Union Station

8:00 AM

9:30 AM

1:20 PM

4:40 PM

5:50 PM

New Carrollton

8:12 AM

9:41 AM

1:31 PM

4:51 PM

6:02 PM


8:17 AM

9:45 AM

1:35 PM

4:56 PM

6:07 PM

Bowie State

8:23 AM

9:51 AM

1:41 PM

5:05 PM

6:26 PM


8:32 AM

9:57 AM

1:47 PM

5:13 PM

6:26 PM

BWI Marshall Airport Station

8:40 AM

10:05 AM

1:55 PM

5:22 PM

6:35 PM


8:44 AM

10:10 AM

2:00 PM

5:27 PM

6:41 PM

West Baltimore

8:51 AM

10:16 AM

2:06 PM

5:34 PM

6:50 PM

Baltimore Penn Station

9:02 AM

10:34 AM

2:24 PM

5:47 PM

7:01 PM

Martin Airport

9:27 AM



6:14 PM

7:26 PM


Eastbound Brunswick Line
Bike Car service on Friday, June 1, 2018


Westbound Brunswick Line
Bike Car service on Friday, June 1, 2018

Train Number



Train Number



7:10 AM


Washington - Union Station

5:20 PM


7:16 AM


Silver Spring

5:34 PM


7:51 AM



5:40 PM

Metropolitan Grove

7:57 AM



5:49 PM


8:04 AM



5:55 PM


8:12 AM


Metropolitan Grove

5:58 PM


8:21 AM



6:05 PM

Silver Spring

8:32 AM



6:49 PM

Washington - Union Station

8:52 AM



6:59 PM

The MDOT MTA will also have Bike-n-Ride displays at several Bike to Work Day locations around the Baltimore Region. Bike-n-Ride displays help riders learn how to use the bike racks located on all of the MDOT MTA’s local buses, and also on many other locally operated bus systems around the state. These bike racks allow users to combine bicycling and bus service to reach more destinations than are possible by bicycling or transit on their own. Many riders are nervous about how to use the rack or that it would delay service for the buses, and so MDOT MTA developed the Bike-n-Ride displays. This way, riders can test out the use of the rack in a less stressful environment.

MDOT MTA will also have staff at the Frederick Bike to Work Day event.

MDOT MTA has also worked with the Baltimore City Department of Transportation (BCDOT) to install Baltimore Bike Share docks at MDOT MTA rail stations around downtown Baltimore, with Bike Share docks already at or adjacent to eight Metro Subway, Light Rail, and/or MARC stations (Johns Hopkins Hospital, Shot Tower, Charles Center [both entrances], Lexington Market, Centre Street, Convention Center, and Camden Station), although not all of them will be installed by B2WD.

Bike to Work Day Central Maryland is coordinated by the Baltimore Metropolitan Council (BMC) and supported by a wide variety of sponsors and volunteers from around the region. There are nearly 40 Pit Stops around the region with one in Carroll County, two in Howard County, three in Baltimore County, three in Harford County, nine in Anne Arundel County, and twenty-five in Baltimore City.

Bike to Work Metro DC is coordinated by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCOG) with 29 pitstops in Maryland including one in Charles County, one in Frederick County, twelve in Prince George’s County, and fifteen in Montgomery County.