BaltimoreLink Launches In 1 Day

1 day from today, on June 18, Baltimore's transit system will change. BaltimoreLink will change the way thousands of people get to work, school and all of life's opportunities. The new bus system will connect like never before to the Light RailLink, Metro SubwayLink, MARC Train and other essential transportation services. The revised routes along with dedicated bus lanes and transit signal priority systems that recognize when a bus is near-by will help deliver world-class transit service. The system will also include a dozen high frequency bus routes through the Baltimore City core.  MDOT MTA encourages you to visit  to learn more about the changes that will go into effect.

For information on how your new route will change, please visit

For a list of all the new BaltimoreLink routes, their stops, and schedules, please visit

Get informed then get onboard!