BaltimoreLink Rolls Out in 40 Days

With 40 days left until the launch of BaltimoreLink on Sunday, June 18th, MDOT MTA street teams are out in full force informing riders of the changes that are coming.

Since the announcement of Governor Larry Hogan’s BaltimoreLink Transit plan back in October 2015, MDOT MTA staff have been working with riders, community leaders, business leaders, and elected officials to get as much feedback about the new bus system as possible. MTA received more than 4,400 comments and held over 175 workshops and public hearing through a period of three public outreach phases.

Several BaltimoreLink outreach teams are at work throughout the city at major bus stops and Light Rail stations. There’s also an InfoBus that is on a different route every day, in addition to community travel training events. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to find out which routes our InfoBuses are traveling every morning, or to locate our street teams or attend our travel training events. Learn more at