Northwest Bus Facility 30 Years Old Today

On January 19, 1987, MTA opened the “new” Northwest Bus Facility and Maintenance Division on 4410 Mt. Hope Drive, off Wabash Avenue in northwest Baltimore. This facility replaced the Harford Bus Division off North Avenue. Harford started out as a trolley car house for United Railways and Electric (UR&E, MTA’s first predecessor) after Harford Avenue sub-station opened in 1907. Baltimore Transit Company (BTC, MTA’s immediate predecessor) closed Harford as a rail facility on June 19, 1956 and reopened it as a bus facility a year later. Today, the only physical remains of Harford Bus Division are the stainless steel “BSM” letters on the car house of the Baltimore Streetcar Museum.  So, Happy 30th Birthday, Northwest and many more to come! Northwest currently employs 328 people, 316 of them bus operators who cover 25 different MTA Local Bus routes.