All applicants for positions with MTA are subjected to a state and federal criminal history record check. In most cases, convictions, pleading nolo contendere, and being on probation during the past seven (7) years for the following offenses will bar an applicant from MTA employment, promotions, internship or volunteering:

  • a. Murder, attempted murder, manslaughter, or arson
  • b. Assault, assault with a dangerous weapon, mayhem, malicious disfigurement, or threats to do bodily harm
  • c. Burglary
  • d. Robbery
  • e. Kidnapping
  • f. Illegal use or possession of a firearm
  • g. Sexual offenses, including indecent exposure; promoting, procuring,  compelling, soliciting, or engaging in prostitution; corrupting minors (sexual relations with children); molesting; voyeurism; committing sex acts in public; incest; rape; sexual assault; sexual battery; or sexual abuse; but excluding sodomy between consenting adults 
  • h. Abuse or cruelty to children, minors and persons of vulnerable populations
  • i. Unlawful distribution or possession of a controlled dangerous substance, or possession with intent to distribute a controlled dangerous substance

The MTA will not employ or permit to serve any individual that has been convicted of, has pleaded guilty or nolo contendere, is on probation or probation before judgment, or has a case pending for crimes listed above or if the individual has been found not guilty by reason of insanity for any sexual offense or abuse involving children, minors or persons of a vulnerable population. The seven (7) year cut off period referenced does not apply to crimes (g) and (i) above.

If one of the above listed items occurred more than seven years prior to the application, the record will be reviewed and hiring decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis depending upon the nature, severity and frequency of items as they relate to the position at MTA.