Start Date:

01/25/2019 6:28 PM

End Date:

06/01/2019 11:28 PM


Effective at pull out on Monday, January 28, 2019, and continuing until further notice,
Wakefield Road will be closed to vehicular traffic at Lawina Road due to underground
utility work. This closure will necessitate the following detour of LocalLink(s) 38 and 79:

Northbound: Via the regular route on Lawina Road to Wakefield Road, then:
* Left on Wakefield Road
* Bear Right on Wynham Road
* Right on Fairview Avenue past Wakefield Road
* Left on Granada Avenue, via the regular route.
Southbound: Via the regular route on Fairview Avenue to Wakefield Road, then:
* Straight on Fairview Avenue
* Left on Wynham Road
* Bear left on Wakefield Road
* Right on Lawina Road, then via the regular route.
Temporarily Discontinued Bus Stops During Bridge Closure

LocalLink Stop ID Stop Name and Direction

38 2593 Wakefield Road at Bonner Road, farside - Southbound

Affected Routes:


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