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MDOT MTA 2018 Sustainability Plan

MDOT MTA provides world-class transit by making customer-focused decisions that maximize our system's safety, efficiency, and reliability for our employees, partners, and the public. We continue to leverage sustainable practices throughout the agency to enhance efficiency. Applying a decision making model founded in sustainability allows us to balance the needs of people, planet, and prosperity while driving down our service’s financial, ecological, and social costs.

Transit Roots: Linking You to a Sustainable Future represents MDOT MTA's 2018 sustainability plan. Transit Roots uses a data driven approach to coordinate existing initiatives and prioritize optimization and investments. Our continuous improvement approach also allows us to advance these initiatives year-to-year, while considering new and innovative ways to boost efficiency and enhance service.

The Sustainability Program uses a performance management system to coordinate existing MDOT MTA programs and achieve benefits within the agency and across the State. This Plan establishes agency-wide goals and performance measures:

MDOT MTA Sustainability Program Goals and Performance Measures

MDOT MTA will implement the Sustainability Program over three years and integrate sustainability into its business processes. Progress will be communicated through annual updates. This document, the 2018 Plan, sets goals and performance measures. The 2019 update will establish and assess the data baseline and set targets. The 2020 update will identify and implement initiatives while monitoring and reporting performance improvements. Updates beyond 2020 will repeat and improve these steps to realize benefits for MDOT MTA and Maryland residents.

Click on the link below to read MDOT MTA's full 2018 sustainability plan.

Transit Roots: Linking You to a Sustainable Future (PDF)

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